Mainstream Party Pooper 2000

I’ve often wondered.. what is it about main stream music. Why it’s something so big and why people are so confident to share it with everyone. Because people asume that everyone likes main stream music, after all, it’s mainstream!

Take Korea for example.. They have managed to brainwash the media totally, leaving people to think that all there is, is K-Pop. There is a huge underground music culture in Korea and it’s blooming better than ever because of the strong main stream movement. There always needs to be balance with opposites.

The fact is, that those who go main stream just don’t party as hard as those who don’t. While there might not be anything wrong with that, I certainly feel that having an irregular taste in music does increase the stimulation of your brain cells.

Going underground is not just about music, but it gives you insights about life.. and you learn wonderful things about this world. Commercial interests only lead you to more commercial interest.. it’s a cycle and it does not end well.

So I encourage everyone who is reading this to challenge their musical taste and most importantly challenge their selves!

Boicot the “Party Pooper 2000” 😛

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