Fairy-tale Legend of the Golden Mask Dynasty Show at Beijing’s OCT Theatre

Visitors who wish to explore Beijing’s theatre culture beyond its more popular offerings of Peking Opera or Kungfu productions, can visit the OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) Theatre located at Beijing Happy Valley – the biggest amusement park in the Beijing known for its dreamy landscapes, comprising of famous themed sections like the Wild Fjord, Atlantis, Lost Maya and more!

The Golden Mask Dynasty Show is an original and large-scale Chinese musical drama attracting thousands of visitors each year. It involves a huge production cast of more than 200 local and international actors, and features the 200- million-yuan triple storey moving stage OCT was known to have invested for the play. It tells the story of the Queen of the Golden Mask Dynasty – a legendary age of China’s history, through eight respective chapters titled War, Farming, Forging of metal, Ceremonies, The Moon, Floods, Fetes and Illusions. The production also comprises of 20 different dance scenes, ranging from themes on traditional Chinese culture, war, to love, as it chronicles the Queen’s attempts to forge a prosperous and peaceful kingdom amidst the numerous adversities she was presented. The Golden Mask Dynasty Show is also an artistic expression of an ancient romance tale, as it illustrates the falling in love of the Queen with the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom, the Blue Mask King, who had previously attempted to invade the Queen’s kingdom, but did not successfully do so.

The audience can expect a captivating theatre production with an incredibly realistic stage backdrop, spectacular gymnastics effects of its crew members, and an array of rich costumes inspired by the Sanxing Mound relics as donned by the actors and actresses. Famous local musicians like Liu Gangbao and Li Cangsang were also involved in the production’s theme song’s composition. One particular interesting scene that viewers can anticipate is the monstrous flooding scene, illustrated by the man-made waterfall created with the use of the triple-storey moving stage. Witness the unforeseen catastrophe which saw the eventual self-sacrifice of the Queen, as she abided by the guidance of a mysterious tree spirit to bring about peace and harmony for her homeland. Alas, the flood subsided, and the people of the kingdom were rescued as the Golden Mask Queen bided farewell to the Blue Mask King. Being turned into a golden sacred sunbird after her demise, the play ends with the Queen flying in the sky above her kingdom, blessing the well-being of her people and dynasty.

The Golden Mask Dynasty Show is overall an inspiring and moving poetic production which should not be missed by any Chinese theatre enthusiasts. Visit the OCT Theatre at 17:30 or 19:30, where it is staged daily, for an evening of fairy-tale theatre enjoyment while you are at Beijing Happy Valley today!

Best regards,
Freddy Freeman