Using HideMyAss to Listen to any Global Radio Station

Have you ever witnessed a sound, so wonderful that it gave you inspiration to become something different. Perhaps a tune that gave you something new in life, a resource to make a difference. This happened to me at least, and often enough while traveling and listening to a new sound environment. While a lot of it has got to do with music, there are also all kinds of other “daily living” sounds that make up the atmosphere of a travel destination. As many of you know, I love traveling to Asia, and especially to a great wonderful country such as China. Well. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Beijing or Shanghai but that doesn’t mean that I cannot still experience that feeling of enlightenment.

Probably many people can relate to having associations through sound. Ones that take you to a far away land and absolutely transform you to beautiful bits. Do you know what I mean? Well, I have discovered a way to revisit those moments I had. Not just by listening to musical albums I have bought at those locations, but by tuning to local radio stations in especial. But even though thanks to the internet, we are living in a global world.. but it doesn’t mean that there are no boundaries. In fact, with increased technological development online, there are more and more ways to restrict musical content for example. This time, I just couldn’t access all the Chinese internet radio stations I wanted because my IP address was foreign. For this I discovered that a VPN can do the trick and give me not only unrestricted access but also the IP address of any country I wanted. I have to be honest and tell you that I was on a budget, but I needed a good service that has many servers in different countries in the world. Then I found the long waited HideMyAss Discount, which is one of the most awesome VPN services I have known and I wanted it so much! In fact, I went through so many articles that were offering all kinds of discount coupon codes for the VPN service, but they were all just fake. Finally this link gave me clear and honest instructions of how to get it for almost half the price.

And what a funny name too. Hide my ass you know! =)

This really was an incredible offer, just when you compare with the absolutely huge amount of IP addresses from basically any country in the world you can get. All with one VPN account, now isn’t that amazing? Either way, now I can listen to any radio station anywhere in the world.. and I feel like I am traveling again, all from the comforts of my own home.. both bedroom, living room and even my toilet. Boundaries are once again limitless, just like the nature of music and sound itself. When these forces of nature are not restricted in any way, we can enjoy them the most.

I don’t know if this was new for you or not. But for me, utilizing HideMyAss was like a blessing, and a new novel discovering. Plus that you can get a really big discount of course! =)

It’s great to be back to blogging after a while. Taking it easy nowadays, listening to the beautiful notes that originate from the vocal cords of my wife. That’s the brilliance of family life!

Best regards and see you next time dear readers,

Freddy Freeman, “The Musical Tone Man”.