Acrobatic Theatre Music At Shanghai Centre

The music in performances is a fascinating world, be it theatre, opera or even acrobatics. Earlier I gave my look on the acrobatic show in Beijing, which was a ball. This time, I have visited the proud city of Shanghai and one of their most famous acrobatic venues. This superb theatre, known as the Shanghai Centre Theatre is one of the central activities of the city theatre scene. In fact, one of the oldest acrobatic troupes in the whole of China, known as the “Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe” performs there.

Naturally I was honoured to be invited to such an invent, and was looking forward to the musical tones of the performance as well as the stunts themselves. Indeed, it was worth it to dress up, since the stage light up with world class acting. The acrobatic show was extremely entertaining, where even the audience could take part.

While the excitement was on the roof during the play, it would have been nothing without the tremendously intense and mesmerising music that was performed throughout the performance. The selection and musical taste of the production team was just spot on and added so much value to the show.

There were many ups and downs in mood, as well as anything from happy even circus-like moments as well as dark and gloomy ones. However, what is unusual to see in China, which is a theatre scene not afraid to experiment and to show a wide variety of atmosphere during a performance.. was that the changes between the different scenes were very smooth and well done. So despite the tremendous variety in stage play, it all blended into a whole, firm unity. This was, for the most part thanks to the music that guided the audience through the amazing spectacle.

The feats were incredible with one of my favourites being the one where the audience is put to the test and in front of thrown knives. Never seen such a thing.. and I can tell you, that during that scene music was played very quietly to create extreme suspension!

Well worth a watch and highly recommended for those who are looking for some night life activities in Shanghai.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

Yours truly,

Freddy Freeman