Finnish Children’s Songs Are A Blast

One thing you should know if you didn’t know it already, is that I am full of surprises. Mainly because there is almost no limit to the range of topics that I can talk about or I am interested in. Lately, I’ve put some focus to children’s music as well as toys. Mainly thanks to my dear Finnish friend and mother, Emma Laine.

I sincerely thank her for providing me with some of the most enchanting children’s tunes I’ve ever heard. Namely those of Laura Latvala, Marjatta Pokela and last but not least a classic from Finland known as Tapio Rautavaara.

What I’ve noticed that unlike other countries, Finland has produced a lot of popular songs without that much of an influence from the overseas market. Perhaps it’s the northern proximity, isolated by sea and bordering Russia that has kept some of the traditions so unique in some respect. Music is a big part of children’s lives in Finland and it’s a way for youngsters to connect with their roots.

Despite not having much success in the Eurovision contest and some thinking that it’s because of the language.. I think that Finnish is a beautiful singing language. In fact I have memorised “hämä-hämähäkki” so I can play it together with the guitar. With that you can surely amaze not just kids but adults as well!

Anyway, much greetings to Emma and I’m looking forward to many musical sessions in the near future.

Kiitos paljon!