The Best Music Ever

Often I hear the question, what do you think is your favorite genre in music or band? For someone who is a dedicated fan of a particular artist, its an easy answer. Anyone with a broad taste in music might have to think a while to produce an answer.

Of course most of the the time the question more or less implies to simply understanding music that you like. Be it many, you could just say something that you recently listened to for example.

But there are options beyond difficult or easy answers.. I for one decided to take this as a challence and provide an actually interesting answer. While this was something facinating for myself, non-surprisingly a lot of the people who asked me that were not that interested. But they got what they asked for is what I thought.

So what’s my answer to the question.. Toecutter. Reason is that there is no music quite like it. You see, most of the songs completely change every 5-20seconds in average. Not just the beat but the whole song. This means that when you here something you like, you know that it will end in just a few seconds even though you would like to hear more of that song.

For many, this might sound rather annoying but it provides an interesting alternative to “comfortable spaces” that music often produce. Everything needs to be learned to like. Just like coffee, Toecutter is the same. It’s one of the greatest musical achievements in the history of mix productions.

When you let go of the thought that you would like to hear more of a certain beat for example, you don’t enter into a state of trance. Instead you will sort of distance yourself from the music and watch it from the distance.

Acceptance is the key and once you do that, you are able to see the music how it is. Without inserting your objections, desires or anything that would manipulate the experience into your fitting.

Try it out, Toecutter is the best music in the world. Just because there is no such thing!!