Chinese Music is All About Entertainment

In China, traditionally a lot of the music was accompanied with entertaining acts such as dance performances, acrobatics, kung fu, comedy. Depending on the act, different instruments were used.

A pleasant surprise I encountered however was the music used in acrobatic performance such as this Beijing acrobatic show. The acts with high-paced and the tension was extremely high.. namely due to the accompanied orchestra with their intense percussions and after bowed string instruments that sued down the nerves.

It kind of reminded me of Chinese opera except that what I was seeing was acrobatic traits. Colors surrounded the stage and spectators.. dance was added in between the acts. With only a hint of electronic sound added this was mostly a folk music experience.. the Chinese way.

The theatre itself, known as Chaoyang Theatre is a spectacle in itself. Now improvement in the acoustics had been made ever since this historical theater building was built. Somehow all this was essential to the experience. In brand new theater facilities traditional Chinese music just doesn’t sound the same.

Perhaps it depends on the entertainment but acrobatic shows are not such polished acts in China. From my experience if they try too hard, things just get too cheesy. Better to hold on to tradition and tolerate some of the dinginess which you can actually learn to like.


The Chinese Just Love to Dance

I recently saw this video and could not help being inspired. Knowing China well enough, this is really true. Wherever you go.. mostly in the evening you can see groups of people dancing. In front of shopping malls, super markets, parks.. just about anywhere!

This is truly a magnificent way for people to get together, enjoy dancing and music. Looking at such activity makes you think that these people really must be happy. Dance is the way to go!