Scratching The Surface of Korean Music

These are some of the prominent Korean artists and what I like about them.

Brown Eyed Girls

This is one of the sexiest Korean girl bands, even though all but one of the members are almost 30 years old. It’s not quite time for them to get married yet as this would end their amazing career. Such an older group makes their act more daring than if the members would be in their 20’s. They also have good solo performances with the dancing spirit that just hits the mainstream audience. For those interested you should check out the song abracadabra which is just resonating that sexy brown eyed attitude!


Korean rockbands are more a rare phenomenon to which TRAX out stands itself from the K-pop scene which still isn’t that big. Rock music hasn’t had such a success in general which is why it hasn’t really found its own style mostly borrowing from Japanese and western influences. The drummer ROSE (No Minwoo) has gained attention (and attraction) by his looks because he resembles more of an J-Rock artist with his hair styles and attitude. As Koreans love Japanese music, so the band fits their taste as well. In recent times the music has seen a turn towards more of a ballad style, which hasn’t stopped its success.


This is one of the most known and liked South Korean boy bands abroad at the moment. The style is very modern electronic dance music and the singers Jonghyun and Onewin take care of the rest of the audience with their charming singing voice. Another reason to love the band is that they are very active on TV and the entertainment business in general. So fans can easily follow each of the members personal life.


This hip-hop band with it’s attractive lyrics even stirs discussion about some controversial issues. Songs range from catchy rap songs to electronic dance beats.  Nowadays Big Band is busy taking over the Japanese market.